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Feature Screenplays

Original Dramas



Character Drama

Drawn to a bridge where people often jump to their deaths, a troubled veteran is befriended by a homeless fisherman while struggling for love and redemption with a woman who embraces the macabre. (90 pp.)


The Secret of Sleep

Crime Drama

An insomniac repoman places a narcoleptic woman’s life in danger when he seizes a vehicle from an unhinged drug cartel member. (105pp.)



Supernatural Thriller

A Kenyan wildlife ranger hunts down poachers and battles bureaucracy amid rumors of a large killer elephant, which locals believe is the Devil incarnate. (108 pp.)

Graphic Novel Adaptation in Progress

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True Stories/Adaptations/IP

Based on True Stories

Last Flight from Kabul

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Inspirational True Story


The true story of a Navy veteran

working as a Hollywood assistant who

leads an effort to rescue five Afghans

during the US withdrawal from Kabul

as it falls to the Taliban. (120 pp.)

Comparison tone:

Argo meets Thank You For Your Service

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No Angel

True Crime Drama


The true story of America’s most infamous Angel-Of-Death Serial Killer, his clever defense attorney, and the inquisitive reporter who broke the story behind the many, many murders. (106 pp.)

Covered and recommended for production by Grindstone Entertainment. 

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Mocky's Revenge 

Period Drama

A young girl living in a rural Ohio town in the early 1980's writes about her summer when a gay uncle comes to visit. (82 pp.)

Adapted from the book Mocky's Revenge by Mark Louis Lehman. 

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Original Comedies 


Christmas in Paradise 

Romantic Comedy


While covering the weather event of the century, an aspiring meteorologist schemes to sabotage her sister's holiday wedding when she learns she is betrothed to the one that got away, but a new storm brews as feelings stir for the groom's best man. (105 pp.)

Co-written by Nicole Margulis

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Dark Comedy


Obsessed with a woman he sees in a vision after striking his head, Alex looks for answers in a support group whose members voluntarily give each other concussions and share their unconscious adventures. (94 pp.)

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