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Joshua Keller Katz is many things: a husband, a cat dad, and a disabled veteran, but most of all, he is a writer.

My Story

Joshua Keller Katz began his writing career as a young teen reporter in Ohio. Both of his parents worked in broadcasting and he spent much of his childhood exploring local news stations. Upon completing high school, he enlisted in the US Navy where he served as a Gunner's Mate and a specialized Missile Technician. Early in his military career, he was called to respond to the attacks in New York and D.C. on 9/11. He became a first military responder on that fateful day and soon deployed for Operation Enduring Freedom.


During his service, Joshua began to write down his experiences and the stories of those around him. Upon completion of his service he relocated to California and pursued his passion for storytelling, both on camera and on the page. For three seasons, Joshua played a recurring co-star on the CBS drama, Code Black. He has also served as an on-set military technical advisor for several major film and television productions. 


Joshua is a WGA mentor for the Veterans Writing Project, a year-long mentorship for writers who have served their country. A graduate of the program himself, Joshua has since written a series of commercials for Under Armour, contributed to episodes of United States of Al on CBS, and has placed in several industry-respected screenwriting competitions.

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