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Original Television Series

of Mansfield

True Crime Drama, 1-Hour


Based on the true story of a woman who went missing from a small Ohio town, her husband accused of causing her disappearance, and her 12-year-old son’s investigation with a local police detective to find out the truth.

Comedy, Half-Hour


After an A-list attorney loses faith in himself, he is offered a job to start over again, as a Public Defender. 

Crime Drama, 1-Hour

A misanthropic repo man is forced

into a world of crime and corruption

when he's blackmailed into helping

a high school student steal cars. 

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The VA

Medical Drama, 1-Hour


Medical professionals in the ER of the flagship Veterans Affairs hospital struggle with bureaucracy and limited resources as they strive to treat veterans of the Armed Forces.

Procedural Comedy, Half-Hour


When an A-list actor’s career is ruined by a viral video, he convinces the fanboy Chief of Police to let him shadow the station’s lead detective to research for a new cop TV show.  The actor’s mastery of the dramatic arts helps solve the toughest of crimes, but he must hide a terrible secret... there is no TV show.

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